With all the twisted messages of the media bombarding our senses it’s hard not to compare ourselves to the perfectly retouched beauty icons gracing the covers of magazines and billboard ads. And we get it, it’s all business and there’s trillions of dollars in this thing called the beauty industry. That’s why it was delightfully refreshing to find this ad by Dove that actually made us feel better about ourselves. If anything, that’s something I’d want to support with my purchase power.

Granted, it helps to take good care of yourself; if your hair looks nice and you are wearing a cute outfit and you plump up your lips with a little gloss, you’re definitely in good odds to attract the eyes of admirers. But what is it all worth if WE can’t look at ourselves and like what WE see?


Take a moment to watch this short clip, perhaps you will be as moved as we were. Click on the link below 🙂

Real Beauty Sketches by Dove