Six top NYC foodie spots to try this summer!


The Spaghetti Incident

located on 231 Eldridge St in New York, NY.

Aside from being a full Italian restaurant, they are most known for their spaghetti cones, created after an old Italian custom.


Ice And Vice

located at 221 E Broadway, New York, NY. What makes this ice cream shop so special is that they experiment with odd and different flavors and make them taste amazing, and can be topped off with a flavored marshmallow or flavored cone.


Patrizia’s of Manhattan

located on 462-466 2nd Ave. Another typica italian restaurant that serves amazing food. One of the things they are most known for is their “family style” which includes a table-based proportion of different foods, dessert, and unlimited beer, wine and sangria.



located at 157 E 33rd street, New York,NY. A restaurant that makes macaroni and cheese! Here you can order macaroni and cheese or customize your own. Some menu choices include buffalo chicken mac and cheese, cheeseburger mac and cheese, and even vegan mac and cheese!



located at 60 Mulberry street, New York, NY. This ice cream shop was inspired by Hong Kong street food, where they make a fluffy “egg waffle” cone and fill it with ice creams and toppings.


Francois Payard Bakery

located at 120 Murray street, New York, NY.
An NYC bakery that serves all types of desserts from chocolates and pastries, to macaroons and cookies. They also sell a variation of platters for parties.