These are a few of my favorite apps for those bitten by the travel bug.

Looking to escape the city for a little bit and go on an adventure to beautiful foreign places?

Maybe a swim on a secluded beach in South East Asia, or a wander around the streets of Paris. Or shopping in Dubai.

Wanting to do it on a small budget?

These are just some of my favorite free apps to take me around the world without having to add any extra stress to my trip.

The first thing you need to do is figure out where on our beautiful planet you’d like to travel to.

Once you have that destination picked, the next step is booking your flight.

We’ve all had that rip your hair out moment with multiple sites opened trying to find the cheapest airline.

Look no further! With skyscanner they take the stress out and do all the hard work for you!

All you have to do is put in the origin of travel, then the destination and finally the dates you plan to take your trip.

Once you enter that in a little plane appears and gives you a list of all the different flights you can choose from!

They do all the comparing for the most inexpensive route.

Just pick your flight and mark it on your calendar then do some shopping to prepare for your adventure!

Once you’ve picked your destination(s), now it’s time to figure out where you will stay.

There are a number of apps you can use for this and this all comes down to preference of the traveler.

If you want something free with a beautiful experience especially for those of you that like to travel solo, couchsurfing app has never let me down!

All you need to do is create a profile and write a short bio about yourself then click away till you find the right match for where you can stay.

Hosts will never charge you, but it’s always nice to chip in and maybe bring a bottle of wine or offer to do some dishes..

And remember to always always clean up after yourself! You are staying in someone else’s house!

If you’re not the vagabond stay on someone’s couch kind of traveler,

there is another app I swear by that will help you short notice and inexpensive,

The best thing about this app is it allows you to book short notice AND my personal favorite is there is no cancellation fee!!

This makes it easier for you to explore more options in case you’re like me and can’t ever seem to decide where you want to stay.

Now that you have your plane, and place to stay, my favorite app to use when traveling is called convert.

This helps you convert everything from currencies to distances and everything in between.

You can’t imagine how many times you’ll end up using this app it is by far my favorite!

Now you don’t have to spend any time trying to do math in your head to figure out if you got the right amount of change,

what temperature it is, or how far of a distance you have or need to travel to get somewhere on your adventure.


Last but certainly not least.

Another brilliant app to use when traveling (hoping you have wifi) is your trusty old Google Maps.

This app has gotten me out of a lot of lost where am I situations.

We all know how to use it and if you’re lacking wifi, find a place that offers it for free (usually a cafe)

enter in your destination and screen shot it into your pics for reference without eating up your data.

You can even grab a delicious coffee or hot chocolate while you’re mapping out your next move!

Travel well my beautiful wanderlust vagabonds!

All photos are original and taken by our stylist Heather during her adventures.