The Beauty Blender comes in four different colors and they all have different purposes.

• Pink is perfect for liquid and powder products, and the limited-edition red blender has the same structure as the pink.

• White is specifically made for sensitive skin and for skincare application.

• Black blender is intended for darker products like self-tanner that would be hard to remove from the lighter sponges.

• Green blenders are made for smaller places at a quarter of the size of the others.


Use warm water in the winter and cold water in the summer.
Warm water will help heavier or thicker formulas specifically mousse and whipped foundations,

and the cold water will feel more refreshing during the hotter months.


Apply foundation to your hand rather than directly onto the sponge.

Dabbing the sponge into product as opposed to pumping product directly onto your Beauty Blender allows for less waste,

the ability to make sure you have the exact foundation color,and more even coverage.


Press the sponge into the skin rather than sweeping it across.

Dabbing the sponge as apposed to sweeping it, gives more of a flawless finish.

Patting the product into the skin with circular motions will leave an airbrushed result.


However, you should replace your Beauty Blender every few months,or once it starts to look and feel quite different.

While color running from everyday use is normal, total discoloration is a sign that your Beauty Blender needs replacing.

Also, once the sponge starts to break down and lose its egg shape, you should probably go and grab a new one.